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"Staley's gritty and gripping story brings to life the kinds of dilemmas today's kids can face on a daily basis. He also provides important lessons for how martial arts training can become a touchstone in finding our way through life. Bullying is a dirty blight in our society, and Luke's story doesn't shy away from the threats they post to boys and girls, and the adults in their lives. I enjoyed reading the martial arts action scenes, which are believably intense. As founder of To-Shin Do martial art, based on Japan's historical ninja defensive combat principles and techniques, I am personally excited to see A Warrior's Soul illuminate the impact of modern-day bullying, martial arts, and personal growth." Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame, Founder, To-Shin Do Martial Arts.

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Our philosophy
Every student, indeed every person, can be empowered to protect themselves and others they care about when they are given the right tools, techniques, and skills. These tools are physical and psychological, and should be capable of being applied in the real world, not just the dojo or on the training mat.  

The role of martial arts
Campus Ninja Self Defense uses as a foundation the practical, self-defense oriented martial art of To-Shin Do. This martial art teaches fundamental skills that can be deployed by almost anyone faced with a potential physical threat, including men and women of smaller stature, without becoming a black belt (although this is encouraged!). Workshops are designed to build core self-defense skills as well as the ability to assess potential threatening situations.

A Reality-based Approach
Our workshops and classes are built on the real-world experiences of students on college campuses and elsewhere. Students are taught basic defenses that can be used in common situations, including parties and other social events, bullying in school hallways, even "dates gone wrong."


In the classroom...

Sam Staley's action-based novels in the Path of the Warrior Series examine the gritty realities and ethical dilemmas faced by our children in middle school. A Warrior's Soul and Renegade can be adapted to the classroom using the classroom guides, discussion questions, and author Q&A. Contact Sam at to find out more, or click to to read more details about these powerful books. 



Practical Self Defense

Learn practical skills that can be used to defend yourself based on the ancient Japanese warrior art of ninjitsu. To-Shin Do was crafted as a self-defense adaptation of the fighting ninja, and is ideal for addressing today's threats.

Many think of martial arts as a male sport, when in fact many women have achieved high ranks and skills. What motivated them? Why martial arts? Do women approach martial arts differently than man? What does this mean for instruction?

Women & Martial Arts

Sam Staley's unvarnished and provocative book on campus sexual assault is trauma centered and informed by survivor testimonies. Unsafe earned Gold Medals from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association 2017 President's Awards in the categories of Adult Non-Fiction and Political/Current Events.

Unsafe On Any Campus?