5 Star Review!"Staley provides thorough details and statistics that make this a combination textbook, self-help guide that could easily be used in study groups, book clubs, and classrooms." Lisa McCombes, Reader's Favorite Review

“What [Staley] would make of [the words on a bathroom stall door] is a groundbreaking book – an insightful look into the subject of campus sexual assault from an interesting new perspective that will shed light on the problem and, more importantly, will go a long way toward finding answers to the scourge, while it also seeks to empower rape victims to speak out…. Staley states … that he has attempted to present mainstream ideas and conclusions in an unbiased and accessible way, and his attempt succeeds. He achieves his goals of offering straightforward solutions and reopening discussions about sexual assault and campus rape…. Staley’s conclusions are thought provoking and will most certainly launch a fresh dialogue among students, parents, and faculty.”--Liz Jameson,  Tallahassee Democrat.  

"Staley has done his homework and presented colleges everywhere with a lucid and comprehensive plan for dealing with one of campus life’s most serious issues. We can only hope that his book will reach a wide audience and foster meaningful discussion on a topic that needs immediate and comprehensive treatment." Jim Booth, New Southern Gentleman.

Reviews, awards and feedback on Unsafe On Any Campus? 

Campus Ninja

“This book signals a turning point in addressing rape and sexual assault in college and university environments. It is innovative, practical, and empowering. How we address rape and sexual assault needs to change, and this book will take the reader through the process of understanding human sexuality, rape, trauma, and how we can help ground a new approach that will eliminate this scourge on campus life.”Ruth Krug, campus rape survivor, Restorative Justice specialist, from the Foreword.

“I finally had time to read your book. It is so good. Every time I would reach a point where I'd think to myself ‘that's not how it is’ you would literally clear it up in the next few lines. It raised so many questions and provided so many answers. As a college-aged women who has experienced these things, and this culture, I was so pleased to be able to read all of my same thoughts laid out neatly. Thank you for this.” Anonymous, Chicago, campus rape survivor