Campus Ninja


Chapter 1.  Campus Rape and the Soul of College

Chapter 2.  Sex, Rape and Human Dignity

Chapter 3.  Sexual Assault and the Failure of Civil Society

Chapter 4. Sexual Assault, Predatory Rape, and Campus Culture

Chapter 5. Experts Talk About Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Chapter 6. Moving Forward: Changing Culture

Chapter 7.  Personal Trauma as the Starting Point

Chapter 8. The Path Forward: A Trauma-Centered Approach

Chapter 9. The Reluctant Education of an Anti-Campus Rape Crusader

Ruth Ann Krug, a college rape survivor, is a certified trauma-sensitive yoga trainer and mindfulness teacher based in the Midwest. She is also a Restorative Justice practitioner, working in local public schools. A graduate of Florida State University, she majored in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a focus on political science, nonprofit administration and economics. Ruth’s healing journey is chronicled along with other survivor stories and testimonies on her blogs Feeding the Heart and Reclaiming Lost Voices.  

Samuel R. Staley is Director of the DeVoe L. Moore Center at Florida State University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in urban economics, urban planning, and research methods. He is also a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, a think tank based in Oakland, California. He holds a black belt in To-Shin Do, a self-defense based reorientation of the traditional martial art of ninjutsu developed by Stephen and Rumiko Hayes. He is also self-defense coach and pursuing his certification as an Elemental Self Defense instructor. In addition to his professional and academic publications, Dr. Staley writes on popular culture, including sexual assault, at the Independent Institute’s blog The Beacon ( His commentary on sexual assault and self-defense has appeared in a wide variety of newspapers and popular news outlets across the nation, including The New York Times, the Dallas Morning News, the Boston Herald¸ the Tallahassee Democrat.  He is an award winning writer and author of the anti-bullying middle-grade novels A Warrior’s Soul and Renegade. He earned his Ph.D. in public administration from The Ohio State University, his M.S. in social and applied economics from Wright State University, and B.A. in economics-public policy from Colby College.

Unsafe On Any Campus? College Sexual Assault and What We Can Do About It

By Samuel R. Staley

Forward by Ruth Krug