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Unsafe On Any Campus should be read by anyone who is interested in understanding...

  • the scope of the sexual assault problem on college campuses.
  • how the complexities and layers of modern college culture makes this an especially difficult problem to solve.
  • why the criminal justice system is ill-equipped to handle sexual assault and campus rape and should often be the last resort for achieving justice.
  • why all college rapists (and assaults) are not the same, and why this matters.
  • why bystanders are crucial to eliminating sexual assault and protecting young men and women on campuses.
  • what programs and strategies will be most effective in reducing sexual assault and rape on college campuses.
  • how new, innovative strategies such as Restorative Justice can lead to better outcomes than the criminal justice system.
  • why martial arts based self-defense training is well suited to addressing the specific problems of college campus sexual assault.
Unsafe on Any Campus?
Unsafe On Any Campus? wins Gold Medals from FAPA

An unvarnished and provocative look at today's modern campus, Unsafe on Any Campus? is an award-winning book that examines campus sexual assault and proposes a provocative framework for quelling this scourge. Are you the parent of a college student or high-school student intending to go to college? Are you a high-school college counselor? Then you should read Unsafe on Any Campus? College Sexual Assault and What We Can Do About it (Southern Yellow Pine Publishing, 2016)

“This book signifies a turning point in addressing rape and sexual assault in college and university environments. It is innovative, practical, and empowering. How we address rape and sexual assault needs to change, and this book will take you through the process of understanding human sexuality, rape, trauma, and how solutions such as restorative justice can help ground a new, effective approach to eliminating this scourge on campus life.” From the Foreword by author and campus rape survivor Ruth Ann Krug

Sexual assault has become part of the cultural fabric of the modern campus, and understanding why is critical to eliminating this college scourge. Using his background in martial arts self-defense, case studies, interviews with experts, the stories of sexual assault survivors, and academic research, Sam Staley deconstructs the modern college social environment in order to reconstruct a comprehensive framework for implementing workable strategies that can reduce sexual assault and avoid the personal trauma it creates.

And the solutions won’t be what you think!